Tuesday, June 28, 2011

First Official Post: Knit ties

I thought that for the first post I would do Knit ties.  Knit ties have become popular this year and have been an often over looked accessory to the untrained eye.  Knits can apply an extra texture to an outfit without overtaking the whole look while maintaining a chic appearance.  They can be, if worn right, simply elegant and are a lighter and more fun alternative to the typical workplace tie.  I also would like to take this opportunity to introduce my best friend and photographer Bill to you all.  He will be working with me to help make everything aesthetically pop. So here is my take on the Knit Tie.

Look 1:  Something that Pops

For this summer particularly, it seems to be about the pop color.  Every other menswear tumblr post there is some kind of vibrant color.  I (Alex) chose also to go with this theme and wear a bright green knit tie in the summer spirit.  
 I used the sand suede bucks to add accent to the dark navy suit but also they don't out play the pop of the tie.  They play as a second neutral along with the shirt.  That way the outfit isn't too busy and still remains office appropriate.
-Suit by H&M Black Label
-Shirt by Kenneth Cole via Macy's
-Tie by Club Room via ebay
-1" tie bar from thetiebar.com
-pocket square from Club Monaco
  -shoes by Polo from Zappos.com

Look 2:  Pattern Mash Up

 For Bill, I chose to put him in purple to play off his skin tone (1/2 filipino 1/2 white).  Fact of the day: Purple is the color of royalty and royalty is okay in the office place. Pair it with a black tie and the purple will stand out without looking like a Prince outfit. 
 I like the fact that all of the fabric elements have a different texture to add to the look. (pinstripe suit, paisley pocket square, knit tie, mini gingham shirt) Sorry totally forgot to get a close up for this- coming soon though.
-suit by Uniqlo
-shirt by J.Crew
-Tie by Club Room via ebay
-2" tie bar from thetiebar.com
-pocket square from Bloomingdale's
-watch by Mr. Jones via mrjoneswatches.com
-shoes by Alfani via Macy's
-glasses by Ray Ban

 Look 3:  Tone Down that Loud Shirt!

 We all have/had a shirt that just isn't wearable by itself.  I mistakenly ordered this off the internet thinking that it would be a shirt I could wear casually and wound up with a pretty intense shirt.  In this look, I used a neutral tie to help balance the boldness of the shirt. It works kind of in the same way that the neutral shirt brings out the color of the bright tie in look number one.
I really like how the navy in the shirt matched with the navy of the suit. The only thing I would have changed about the outfit was the shoe.  Like stated though, I'm in college - when I get my money up I'll invest in some nice Allen Edmonds or hopefully some Double Monks.

-suit from H&M Black Label
-shirt by Tommy Hilfiger from their site
-tie from a vintage shop (no tag)
-1" tie bar from thetiebar.com
-pocket square from thetiebar.com
-watch by timex (thrifted)
-shoes by Polo via Zappos.com

Look 4:  Business as Usual

 I figured for the last shot we should do something contemporary and a little more conservative.  I think that Bill knocked this look out of the park.  The simple elegance of a white shirt and white pocket square, paired with a solid color tie, can't miss.

Another thing I would like to note is that I decided for Bill and I to not wear belt.  This is an important tip for shorter guys, especially in a suit.  A belt even if it matches breaks up the body into sections- and for short guys this can make them looking shorter.  Sans belt can lengthen the torso in appearance and give you some ease after a big lunch.

-suit and shirt from Uniqlo
-tie by Club Room via ebay
-pocket square by Club Monoco
-2" tie bar from thetiebar.com
-shoes by Alfani via Macy's

Additional notes:
-Brown shoes can be appropriate in look #4.
- In look #1 the same can be said by replacing the sand suede with black or brown leather shoes
-These outfits all cost less than $500 a piece which is saying something.  There are sales out there, you just have to look for them.  Obviously the most expensive are the suits and least expensive being the ties at $8 each on ebay.  Bottom line:  IT PAYS TO BE FRUGAL!

Thanks and Stay Fresh,



  1. I know it's a little early to say much, but so far loving this blog, keep it up!